The Super Blood Moon \ Total Lunar Eclipse.

I always have lofty goals of photographing the moon.

I think "Yep, the next full moon. You're going to photograph it."

The next full moon comes & goes, and I forget.

Then I read a new article about photographing the moon, and I tell myself "Ok, seriously.  The next time the moon looks cool, you have to photograph it."

It happened like twice.  And each time I managed to actually remember to photograph it, I wasn't pleased with the results.


Here's the thing about taking pictures of the moon; it's hard.   Well, it's not hard... you just need the right equipment... which I don't have.  And the right manual settings... which I suck at.

But, last Sunday morning, I heard all this hubbub about the "super blood moon"; the "total lunar eclipse"; the "this only happens a couple times a century" .... so, being the planner that I am, I told Siri to remind me 10 minutes before 9:00 pm to watch the sky.

At 8:50 pm, like clockwork, Siri sent me a reminder.  I got out my trusty tripod & set-up shop in the backyard.

Zac & I fidgeted around with my camera settings for a good 20 minutes.  We took about 40 frames, and I ended up with a few "decent" photos.

Without further ado -- here are my completely un-photoshopped, un-cropped images of the Super Moon Eclipse:

Blood moon

Blood moon
 Blood moon

Yeah.  Pretty anti-climatic.  BUT -- I did get to spend 45 minutes outside with my husband, watching the moon & stars on a beautiful Sunday evening.  That almost counts like a date, right? ;)

Travel: Chicago, Part 2

{Day 2 we did ALOT -- so I'm breaking this up into two posts}

We woke early, to rain, to start our second day in Chicago.
Rain on windowsRaindrops

We dined again at the hotel for (free) breakfast, and then took our time to walk the city to our first reservation – The Sky Deck @ the Willis Tower.

Chicago at street level

Chicago River

Chicago Tribune


And then the rain cleared for a bit -- yay!

Chicago buildings
Chicago buildings

American flags

Mom in Chicago

So, the Willis Tower is North America’s tallest building; its interior office spaces are home to popular companies, and it’s an iconic landmark in Chicago.  

Willis Tower

The experience from the Sky Ledge is both terrifying & exhilarating to say the least...

Sky Ledge at Willis Tower

Sky Ledge at Willis Tower

The Sky Deck is at the 103rd floor & offers views for miles on a clear day.  Within the Sky Deck sits a few Sky Ledges – which are solid glass boxes which protrude out from the building about 4 feet & individuals are able to literally walk on what seems like air – crazy!!

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

About 2 weeks prior to our trip we pre-purchased the Fast Track pass – we learned from our experience in NYC & the Empire State Building that is it SO WORTH the extra money not to have to wait in any lines... (when you only have a couple days in a city, it’s painful to have to wait in a 2-3 hour line).

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

Views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck; Chicago

More to come, stay tuned!

If you missed my recap of Day 1,  click here

Happy Sunday.

I'm tempted to make homemade body butter, and I'm thinking this recipe sounds perfect for fall.  I hear glorious things about coconut oil ALL the time, but feel weird putting it on my skin... Anybody use it for skin care?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The Evolution of School Photos -- Kelle has such a way with words & finds meaning in everything.  She's my favorite!

Target did good this year with the plaid movement -- I want one of everything, please!  Even the Listerine is in plaid packaging, my gosh!

Speaking of Target, I'm loving these nock-off Chucks -- they look the same & are a fraction of the cost.. mint or red... mint or red - love them both!

I could never afford this dress, but ohhh do I love it!