Summer = Wedding Season = What do I wear???

We’ve all been there.

You receive an invitation to a wedding.  It reads “casual attire” and immediately you think, what the heck does that mean?  Sun dress & flats?  Slacks?  Maxi skirt?  You don’t want to be over-dressed, but you certainly don’t want to be under-dressed, either.  You call your girlfriends & ask what they're wearing, and they have no idea either.

More importantly, you think, how am I going to dress my husband?  Because let’s face it, you will likely be picking out/ purchasing & ironing your husband’s get up, otherwise he will show up in shorts & a golf shirt.

Fret no longer my friends.  The fine folks at Paul Fredrick, along with the help of fashion & wedding experts, put together the below infographic sharing wedding guest attire for men, depending on the type of invitation they received.

I've put together 3 “couple” looks that my husband & I would wear, based on the type of invite we receive:

Details: Polished, rich fabrics.  Conservative, clean & classic.

Details: Still dressy, but not over-the-top.  Keeping it playful with a fun print & coordinating colors.

Details: Simple, cotton & a touch of nautical.

I'd love to know, what are your go-to tips for coordinating your outfits with the type of wedding you will be attending?

*Thank you to Paul Fredrick for putting together this cheat sheet!  Don't forget to stop by & browse their selection -- they have something perfect for every occasion, from formal to casual.

Date Night: Campfire love

A few Saturday evenings ago, Zac & I had no plans.  We took advantage of having nothing on the calendar, amongst a busy summer & had a low key night, checking "have a campfire date night" off my summer list!

It was a quintessential summer evening: a warm breeze, a colorful sunset, & a blazing campfire complete with s'mores.  We watched fireflies swoop through the air & star-gazed, reminiscing old times & feeling thankful for how blessed we are to have each other (and Gracie Lou)!

Bare feet & belly scratches

Pile o' Sperrys.

The perfect coals for roasting mallows.

Music by Mr. Bryan, to set the mood.

Cheers, friends -- may you be lucky enough to have a date night campfire sometime soon!

Happy Sunday.

Outdoor entertaining tips -- I love the water balloon one!

I want her closet.  And her hair.

Adding "make homemade soap" to my To Do List after reading this.

Copper is totally trending right now, and I think this side table is darling!

Wonder if I could pull off this simple chignon?  I think I have too much hair for it, but I love the style!